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Trek to Kodachadri

Plan was to leave Bangalore on Thursday 21th October night and reach back on Sunday 24th October.

As planed we started on Thursday night. Vehicle was booked by Padmanabh it as a tempo traveler. Vehicle condition was not good at all, there was no push back seats, No handles to hold. Some how we managed to travel in that. 

Left Bangalore around 9:00PM and started towards Shimoga. Route taken was via Arsikere. On the way our driver was feeling very sleepy so he used to stop and sleep for few minutes.  After Shimoga we went towards Sagar, from there we took a hosanagar route. At Hosanagar we had a morning dose of Coffe . Hotel person said that there are good river side place where we can finish our morning duties. On the way to Nittur we checked it up but we did not find those river banks suitable, proceeded further. We reached Nittur. Just before Nittur we found the route to Kodachadri, we decided we will go to Nittur finish the morning duties have breakfast and proceed with climbing. Raghuís relative was at Nittur. Some of them finshed the morning duties at there houses.  We were totally 15 persons in that 3 were kids, one boy was around 12 years. Myself, Pooja, Padmanabh, Nagashree, Paneesh and Sunil decided to treak our way.  After a nice breakfast at Nittur hotel we took a drop till the mud road by our tempo traveler.


From there it is 10Kms to the temple ( temple is 1.5kms below the peak ).  It was a jeep track, some places we tried to explore ways inside the forest which were very thrilling. On the way we saw very nice scenery. Way was quite steep at some place and manageable at some. Two to three water spots. All the water spots were flowing water, it was very cold and very pure. We filled our bottles over there. We had packed some food parcels for the way we finished it in the middle.  On the way myself and Pooja got lost in a forest trying to find a short cut. With the help of others who were on the right track we were able to come back to right track. We used to shout and listening to the response voice we took the direction. There were lot of leaches near the water place we had some attacks.


After walking for 3 and Ĺ hours we were able to see top of temple and PWD guest house. After sighting the temple we have to walk almost Ĺ hour to reach that place. This walk was quite difficult phase. Finally after walking for 4 hours we reached the temple PWD guest house destination.

There are few houses where we can stay and also PWD guest house. Group which earlier went in jeep had booked bhattar mane for staying and for grub. As soon we reached the bhattara mane we wanted a bath, since they did not allow to bath at there toilets, we jumped in to a tank in front of our house it was slightly dirty but manageable. After a good lunch over there we took a small rest. Had a cup of coffe and started to the peak. There is a Shankar Peeta, a small idol of Sri Shankaracharaya. It is said that Sri Shankaracharya  first installed a muula muruhti at the temple in Kodachadri and walked to this peak and from here he went to Kollur and installed a Sri Mokambika.


The way from Temple to the peak is around 1.5Kms, it is quite steep. On the way Bhaturís son was selling Butter milk we had one glass each and proceeded to the peak this time every one had joined in climbing. We can see Sun set at Arbian Sea from the top. We took around 40 min to reach the top. At top we sat for some time in the Shankar peeta. We did not wait for the Sun Set as we wanted to take bath at falls and reach bhatar mane before it is dark. The scenery from this top and on the way to peak is the beautiful which we saw. There was a Mobile tower few yards from there. I think it is of Airtel. As Airtel mobiles had 100% signals over there and others did not have. We spent some 30 minutes over there and started to climb down.


We had planed to take bath at a small falls by name Agastya Teertha. The route to the falls while climbing down is very, very step.  And it goes in to the deep forest. On the way to falls there is a Sri Ganesha temple it is very nice. We managed go to the falls with great difficulty. We took bath in the falls, water was very cold and experience was great. By the time we finished the bath it was dark, we walked back to the bhatara mane. Again after a small rest had kashaya and we went to temple.


Temple was very good and sacred too. We spent some 1 hour in the temple. As night approached it was becoming cold. At the end of Pooja we received theertham and Prasad.

Theertha was made of kashaya, I had tasted this in Sringeri when we stayed of the last pooja which happens before closing the temple. After pooja we came back to bhattar mame and had our dinner slept in the big hall of there house.


Morning we had already said for Jeep people to pick us up and take us down. We had plan to go to Gokarna hence we did not want to walk back as it consumes extra 2 hrs. We got ready by 6:30PM and we left in Jeep. Actully it is not a jeep track at all it is just way in forest. Some how these people drive Jeeps there it is a high risk ride. For each ride they charge Rs. 700/- and around 7 people can go in a jeep.


At Nittur we had breakfast and left to Gokarna. Gokarna is a beautiful beach and good temple. We made a room in one of the Porohit house. Went to beach played in water. From there we went to Kotithertha took bath again, came back to room took good bath again. After that we had a good Dinner in Porohitís house it was very tasty. We left to Bangalore from there at 9:00PM after some small purchases. There was two option for the route back. One via highway and one via Ghat section, Sagar, Shimoga ( Way we came ). We decided to take the way which we came. As the tempo traveler was very congested we found the journey to be very difficult.


Finally we reached Bangalore at around 7:30AM. Totally trip was great. I feel like going to Kodachadri every year, itís a beautiful Hill station far away from commercial places


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